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Help us Defend the Innocent, Around the World, Together!

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We are fundraising to help innocent persons get the legal representation they need, wherever in the world it is needed.

Mission Statement

The International Innocence Initiative works to prevent wrongful convictions, free the innocent, and create fair, compassionate, and equitable systems of justice for everyone - wherever they find themselves accused on the planet.

Vision Statement

The International Innocence initiative is the manifestation of the vision of several well-known international lawyers who became fed up with witnessing injustices repeatedly worldwide. More often than one can imagine, innocent people find themselves accused in foreign jurisdictions (such as other states or foreign countries) without the means or resources to obtain qualified legal counsel to defend against false accusations. These lead to prolonged detentions based, oftentimes, on the political interests of those in power and at the expense of due process rights and human rights. The International Innocence Initiative was created to fill that void, so wherever in the world someone is detained wrongfully – the innocence initiative stands in the gap to protect their rights.

The International Innocence Initiative is a not-for-profit organization established by a team of dedicated and experienced legal practitioners. Lawyers working under the International Innocence Initiative have worked to better protect fair trial rights and defended the rights of people facing criminal charges in a country other than their own for many years. Our vision is a world where every person’s right to a fair trial is respected, whatever their nationality, wherever they are accused.

The International Innocence Initiative was established to help people arrested outside their own country to defend their right to a fair trial. Every year we aim to assist multiple persons and their families in navigating a foreign legal system by offering practical advice, including contacts of local lawyers; guidance on key issues encountered by people arrested abroad, basic information on different legal systems and local sources of support; and legal representation globally as needed. As a not-for-profit charity, we do not charge for any of our assistance.

We believe that respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are the hallmarks of a just society and that the right to a fair trial is at the heart of this. Sadly, too many shocking cases of injustice demonstrate how, time and again, this most basic human right is being abused. We fight against injustice by ensuring that the right to a fair trial is respected in practice. Working with our clients and international networks, we also campaign for the strengthening of due process rights in criminal justice laws so that they are robustly enforced rather than being abused and/or diluted.

Therefore, the International Innocence Initiative has committed its mission to identify critical issues of underprivileged persons and those simply without the means to finance costly litigation and navigate the complexities of a foreign legal system when facing the criminal justice system and potential injustice in a foreign jurisdiction. The International Innocence Initiative also strives to ensure the criminal justice system is as accessible, efficient, and effective as possible. International Innocence Initiative staff are guided by the following values as they work to fulfill this mission.

Defending the Innocent, Around the World, Together!

All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible. The International Innocence Initiative is a U.S. Tax Exempt Charitable Organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(C)(3). Our Tax ID Number is 88-2938433.

You can view more information about our charitable status by following THIS LINK TO OUR CHARITABLE SOLICITATION DISCLOSURES.

Other Ways to Donate

If you would like to donate but you don't feel comfortable doing so online, we totally understand, and we have other options for you. Please feel free to mail your check, payable to "International Innocence Initiative" to:

  • International Innocence Initiative
  • 161 N. Clark St., Suite 1700
  • Chicago, Illinois 60601
  • Attention: Development

For any other manner of Donation, please email us at or call us at 312-204-7252 today!

Other Ways to Help

Unable to donate at this time? We understand that not everyone that wants to support our mission can afford to donate. There are other ways in which you can help make a difference beyond donating. Every type of help is greatly appreciated and just as important to our mission as donations! Please take a look and see if one of these ways fits your schedule and appeals to you. Remember, together, we can make a difference! How about becoming a volunteer?

To find out more information about how you Help the Innocence Initiative by volunteering (including working on our legal teams or becoming an Affiliated Lawyer) check out our page - OTHER WAYS TO HELP (click to visit)

Our Leadership

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